My latest little mention

It always feels like a badge of honor when I get a little press. I love being recognized for My passion filled work as a Dominatrix. In January I was honored with the distinct pleasure of working with Kink Queens Magazine. A publication dedicated to dominant Women like Me. I have a center spread, with a very juicy interview featured you can purchase your copy here.    Additionally I filmed a little interview with them which can be seen here. 

In My interview I shared a very kinky story, but just for you I’ll leak it here 😉

Kink Queens wanted to hear a juicy story of mine…..

I’ve always been deeply attracted to the cuck and bull lifestyle. I have a passion for chastity training, and an equal love for being sexually satisfied. 

 I recently took a new guy (let’s call him Frank) on a first date. He was the total package tall dark and handsome with rippling pectorals, and what appeared to be a very well endowed appendage. On this date we ran into a submissive guy (whom I went on a date with about a month prior, we’ll call him John). The subby guy happened to be our bartender at a hip little LA restaurant. When I locked eyes with the bartender, I was instantly aroused because I had the hottest guy on My arm, and My prey right in front of Me. The perfect recipe for the most wicked tease. I leaned in close to Frank and whispered… “That guy is submissive and has a total crush on Me, let’s fuck with him.” The most devious smile flashed over Frank’s face. Someone whom I thought was vanilla. He pulled Me in close and kissed My neck at the bar whilst I spoke to the bartender John. In the middle of this crowded restaurant I started to get very naughty telling John the submissive what Frank might do to Me later. It was so hot to watch as John got all nervous. He would squirm and blush. His embarrassment and fear was just delicious! Frank got more and more turned on and dominant the more John would squirm, and the fact that this was just our first date was so wildly sexy!!! I thought I was just going on a nice vanilla date with a normal guy. It turned out he was the perfect bull in disguise. Towards the end of the experience I looked John dead in the eye and asked “should I ride Frank’s cock tonight?” His eyes got great big, his jaw dropped, and his head nodded up and down in a robotic like shock. Without another word I grabbed Frank by the hand and led him out of the restaurant, and threw him into My bed. 

He came back the next night, and so did a subby cuck whom I love very much… Frank and I cucked and tormented the poor helpless little subby.



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