Most frequent questions and answers
  • I do not sub, or switch.
  • Any illegal act is off the table.
  • I do not participate in anything ending in “job”.
  • I do not do forced intoxication. 
  • I do not provide any escort services, or similar. I am strictly a BDSM professional. 

Please visit MY RESERVATION PAGE to apply. Applications with a polite and through message will be answered as soon as possible. Please provide all of your information in a clear way so I’m able to respond. Be sure to read MY ABOUT PAGE before applying to ensure that I participate in the act you are hoping to explore. 

If you don’t hear back within a week please send another message to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the stack. 

Absolutely not. It is not something I enjoy or participate in.   

Don’t embarrass yourself by asking. 

I am a professional Dominatrix, meaning that those who are lucky enough to serve Me pay a financial tribute in exchange for Me to steward their journey to a safe power exchange dynamic and move toward sexual/self enlightenment.

I charge for My dominance for a few reasons. . .
1. BDSM can be an eye opening, cathartic, and even fun experience. In My practice…(which has taken years of study under the world’s top dominatrices, psychologists, intensive reading, and countless hours of physical practice) I use this sacred play as a unique form of therapy. I pour My time, intellect, and emotional energy into you. It is a symbol of respect that you pay a small portion of it back.

2. Charging for My time (even if it’s just initially) is used to weed out the uglies. On a daily basis women of power and beauty like myself are bombarded with requests to perform sexual/or sensual favors. We receive such requests walking down the street, from friends, and now even from internet strangers all over the globe (very possible within the technological framework of the 21st century). Are you worth My time? Then you must prove it. 

3.When I put a monetary value on My emotional energy, it scares away a person trying to use Me.

Although I recognize mine is not a popular opinion, it is one I am allowed because I have complete autonomy in this situation,
I am of course The Dominatrix.

I might not be what you seek, and that’s okay too. Finding the right Dominatrix mimics the challenges of dating with the added intensity of forgoing your power(this I know to be scary, and challenging). I promise to provide a safe space for you to let go and explore the depths of yourself. 

If you are unable to afford My sacred time currently. Please keep your dignity and decorum and do not insult or ask for a ‘discounted’ rate. Doing so is considered very distasteful, and will result in My ignoring you. 

If you are seeking to serve Me I would be honored to see a letter of intent on MY RESERVATION PAGE. 

In leather, lace, and grace,

The Empress

For the discerning and serious practitioner, YES! 

In order to apply please write a note to Me via MY RESERVATIONS PAGE. Be sure to include why you are seeking mentor-ship and what you hope to learn. 

If you aren’t completely sure yet, and want to do a Q&A I do consultations for a very reasonable rate. 

Absolutely!   If you are willing to work for it….. I do not allow just anyone to become My personal slave. I promise you that being a personal slave of Mine takes much more blood, sweat, and tears than you could ever imagine.

you might have the opportunity to become MY personal slave if you are truly a service submissive, understand that you must jump through My hoops in order to get there, and give Me your ALL.  

If you truly seek this I require that you do a minimum of 3 sessions with Me. To start off right… I suggest that we schedule a little FemDom day date. You may do so on MY RESERVATION PAGE.

I adore women. Yes! 


From My personal background I have a very special place in My heart for Transfolk. I promise when we meet it will be  with understanding, trust, and the upmost care(or lack of care if that’s your thing ;P ). 

The bare minimum  is to do a session with Me. If this isn’t possible you can always Call Me, or do a video call with Me (Apply for video calls and sessions here)

If you’re looking to go above and beyond, and really get on My good side try spoiling Me… 

Some things I like….

Can you imagine My sensual dominant presence across from you at the table? The sheer shine of My stockings? My patent leather pump? My long black hair? My deep Red lip? My fierce intelligence toying with your every move?


Let’s have dinner…

To do a dinner (or similar) out with Me please see MY RESERVATIONS PAGE. 

I do consider Myself to be quite the foodie. Perhaps you can find a dining option that will inspire Me…

I love to travel. Please check MY TRAVEL SCHEDULE

to see if I’ll be visiting your city any time soon. If it’s not on My list, I’d be happy to make the trip for the deserving submissive. For all USA based travel a travel fee of 1k+ is required. For international travel please write Me a special note on MY RESERVATIONS PAGE

Yes. Everyone starts somewhere, and this is a fantastic place to begin. If this is your very first time I require a phone consultation first so you and I can get to know one another and see if we are a good fit. 

Please indicate it is your first time on your application. 

Tell Me everything in your intro email, and don’t be shy about it.  If you are a little nervous, I suggest starting with something like video sessions, or in person meetings like Dinner and Domination to get you comfortable around Me before play. 

For any travel I require 50% nonrefundable tribute deposit up front. 

For local meets I require minimum 24 hours notice, and a $150 Nonrefundable tribute deposit. 

Yes. Customs start at $350+. Please send Me a note about your custom HERE.

Send your inquiry in message form HERE

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