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Types of interactions

In person I absolutely love to cultivate a safe space for you to explore and melt completely in Me. My minimum reservation time is 90 min. Tribute $500+  A deposit is required.  

Dinner and domination What better way to worship your Empress than to be divinely seduced over dinner, and toyed with till My heart’s content. appox. 4 hours. $1000 + cost of dinner. Deposit required. 

Video distance training  This is a great way to get started, and an even better way to grow our dynamic when apart. Sessions start at $100

Phone training                                     Call Button

Tea and conversation  Somewhere in between diving in, and playing coy? Let’s get to know each other over a cup of tea (or similar) and just chat.  $300  Must be reserved in advance. 

BDSM consultation For serious practitioners only Want to incorporate BDSM play into your own life? or maybe you just want a few pro tips.  First web consultation $50

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