I am The Empress.

I am a mind enveloping fantasy, and all consuming reality.  When we finally meet, you’ll find yourself utterly lost in my every detail. My scent, my gaze, my caress make you lose yourself and find a new place where you truly belong. At my feet.

I am benevolent, compassionate, and true romantic. In the same breath I can be demanding, vicious, and cold.  My duality is an intoxicating blend , are you ready to taste? 

For Me, the journey of BDSM started very early, and very naturally.  I have always been aware of the presence of power, and the feminine elegance to wielding it. Domination is not a fantasy for Me. It is the way that I live.

I began to seek training in the art of BDSM at the young 18, and was classically trained in a dungeon by a Pro-Domme. Since My initial education I have had the luxury to study under some of the world’s best Dominatrices, play in some of the most esteemed BDSM houses, and host top BDSM events. I am the real deal, a genuine  lifestyle Dominatrix, and if you’re lucky enough maybe one day you can become My personal play thing.  To learn more about My back story, and My views visit My blog. 

" I’m very picky with whom I choose to give my energy. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity. "


The Empress showed me a new side of myself. Simultaneously, she made me feel safe and completely powerless. She is captivating, all consuming, and in a league of her own.
Pain sub
I dreamt about it, I longed for it, and I searched for it for what seemed like a lifetime. I finally found it. Empress Jazmin Wu is the real deal. She is so vibrant. She truly lives and conducts herself like a Goddess. I've never before experienced a true power dynamic till now. Thank you Empress.
Slave E

Some of My Interests


Pain is often the first thought that comes to mind when people think about BDSM. With the deepest satisfaction, I practice in many methods of this specific subject. Such as caning, whipping, flogging, bastinado, fire play, tickle torture, slapping, CBT, OTK, paddles, crops, NT,  trampling, and traditional Chinese torture methods just to name a few. In My eyes, the only limits to this are our creativity. 


At the deepest level, I enjoy being worshiped. I am after all, Godlike to you.  I love foot / stocking worship.  I do not participate in worship sessions that include a part of My body that would otherwise be covered by a bikini.  I enjoy bondassage, sensation play (such as ice and feathers), sensory deprivation, breath play, tease and denial, and electro stimulation. 


To Me, mental control/ humiliation is the pillar on which many BDSM practices are built upon. There are several different styles of humiliation and a myriad of subjects one could find humiliating. I consider Myself well versed in all of them. Interested in being at the mercy of My whims? Send Me a message about the things that make you particularly weak.  Some things I enjoy are sissification, heavy degradation, objectification, spitting, and oh so many more forms. Please send me a message to inquire further.

Slave training

I deeply enjoy the power exchange dynamic. If you think yourself worthy of submission to Me, prepare to bring Me your all. Some subjects I practice in are CFNM, chastity, domestic training, service submission, and total power exchange. I always have My eye out for a worthy slave who embodies a truly submissive demeanor. If you think that’s you, please send Me a message, and if you’re lucky enough I might just make you MINE. 


I personally find bondage  to be deeply sensual and pleasurable to take part in. Tying you up, and watching as you squirm helplessly beneath My binds fills Me with a special type of glee.  I enjoy shibari, mummification, predicament bondage, sensual ties, encasement, Japanase bondage therapy, material bondage, and mental bondage play just to name a few. 

intricate types of play

I crave intensity, and seek out the more intensive forms of domination. Some styles include pet play,  food play (WAM), role play, information control, and ethical financial domination. For any more intensive types of play I require a few prior discussions. 

Stay in the know

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